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Eve Eliot

Eve Eliot is a psychotherapist, a yoga instructor, meditation teacher and contributer to the journal, Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association. Her unique use of metaphor to teach mindfulness makes it easier for students to access the stillness available through meditation.

Eve Eliot is the author of "Insatiable," its sequel, "Ravenous," and "Attention Shoppers: The Woman's Guide to Enlightenment."

She is a contributer to the journal "The Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association" for which she has written two articles: "Yoga Off The Mat: Motivating Clients to Surrender to Discomfort" and "Meditation Off the Cushion: Helping Clients using Mindfulness."

Her unique way of using metaphors to guide students to inner body awareness makes meditation exceptionally accessible, even to beginners.

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