Eve Eliot Meditation CD's

Operating Manual Meditations for Every Occasion: Operating Manual for the Mind.
The mind is a complex and powerful appliance which we use daily without having read the operating manual. Listen to that manual in this CD that allows you to correctly use the mind to bring you to where you have been longing to be.
Squirmy Kids Holding Still to Free the Butterfly:
Meditations for Squirmy Kids
Kids, like puppies, need calming! With pieces of different lengths, even the most agitated child can find some peace (and have fun, too!).
Tooth FairyTooth Fairy Speaks:
A Dentist Appointment You Can Love
Make going to the dentist a way more positive experience and deepen your capacity for dealing with anxiety in all situations by finding serenity in, of all places, the dentist's chair.
marrying the Moment Marrying the Moment:
Meditations for Softening Hardship
Uniquely suitable for people who have never meditated or feel they can't, and perfect for people who have already engaged in a meditation practice, each and every track is intended to transform hardship into a life-enhancing opportunity.
Contentment Contentment Meditations
The unusual metaphors offered to access stillness make the listening experience of these tracks a life-enhancing delight.
first aidFirst Aid:
Meditations for Troubled Times
In troubling times, a clear and quiet mind is required to make it possible to take whatever next step is required. This album offers access to that clarity when challenges such as loneliness, heartache and illness arise.
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